Playstation Move Racing Wheel works with almost every game

In June of this year, during E3 2012,  the announcement of the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel, a kind of steering wheel that will serve as an adapter for the PlayStation Move control, giving you greater excitement when playing car racing games, motorbikes or even flight simulators.

For those who already saw the simple launch of the Racing Wheel as a reason for celebration. We have an even better news: it will work with almost any game, even those that do not have support for the PlayStation move.

The news came from Albert Chen, a gamer who already has the Racing Wheel in hand and who reported his discovery to the site iWaggle3D.

According to him, games that do not officially support Playstation Move like Gran Turismo 5.

Need For Speed ​​Shift 2 and even Sonic The Hedgehog 2, work with the Racing Wheel. What happens to the Racing Wheel also in these games is that the device interprets the input of the device as if it were the input of a common Dualshock control and with that it makes an equivalence between the buttons of the two types of control, being even valid to recognize the tilt of the device, which will be interpreted as if it were a move on the left analog button of the Dualshock.

This new finding about the Racing Wheel can greatly increase the device’s popularity, as it will give players confidence that the vast majority of games that will still be launched work seamlessly with the Racing Wheel.

In addition to this, we have the information given by Albert Chen that it is not mandatory to use the PS Eye for the operation of the new device, which reduces the cost needed to have fun with the Racing Wheel.

Accompanying Twitter of Chen, we have the information that the only game ever tested by him that did not work with the Racing Wheel was the Sega Rally, but this should not lower expectations related to the new device.

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