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Is online voting worth of use


Is online voting worth of use

Being  a Graduate student i didn’t focus on elections nor took interest in it. My focus went on this when i was in my last semester and wanted to do Final Year Project. My adviser told me to create a system called as Online Voting System. First i got confused as i was not aware of how the elections works. We as a students dont take such interest in politics but when its comes to our own need we take interest. So i started to search how the election works and how the system is going to work. Online voting concept is not introduced yet but in 2001 in Estonia “ELECTRONIC VOTING” was introduce.  It was a success as elections were done in a neat way. Than in Canada it was introduced but due to some purpose it was not successful.

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Being a Pakistani blogger  i will explain our elections how they are held. We have National Assemblies as well Provincial Assemblies. We have polling stations like other countries and etc. Why my system would be different from any other system ? These questions comes in my mind. The answer was simple we people need to do everything in a simple and fast way. Being born in technology era everything we need should be  of technology.

Online Voting as website

Online Voting can be a good idea as people dont have to go to polling stations and stand in a queue for voting. They can vote online to their favorite candidates and can see result online. So i target this and made a website in which people can vote online and see result online. But the question that come in my mind was how can it be hacker proof. When we made any systems  our first priority is how can we save it from hackers. I thought why not to connect a device named as Finger print device. But why would people bought a device that is of 30$ or more.

So i thought why not to put some security questions like other people systems. Its better to have some questions which a person know himself.

Technology is not about creating systems for chatting , etc . It can b used for the betterment of country also. We as a nation can do better for our countries than our leader.

So in future its a better idea to have online voting system so that we can increase voting rate in many countries.


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