Quantum Blockchain: How Physicists Will Stage a Crypto world IT Revolution



Blockchain is well know for its electronic database transactions. Its is  know for its dealing with Bitcoin but it could have thousand of application inside and also outside finance.

Quantum Blockchain and Crpyto world

Alexei Fyodorov is the master mind of quantum blockchain. He explain how people might be taking interest in quantum blockchain. He also said that quantum technology will change the digital world.

The idea which is use to store ledger database on independent user computer is getting old.  It was first discussed 30 years ago. This idea got in spotlight in 2008 when the bitcoin emerged. Quantum blockchain was different from other blockchain technologies due to its power of storing complete transaction data.  Programmers are using  cryptographic hash-functions, electronic-digital signatures and mathematical devices which will prevent the hacking of the ledger.

Conventional cryptographic are more  reliable

Conventional cryptographic are now a days view as more  reliable.  The advance calculations in quantum will soon strip them of their “super powers”.  This is where quantum block chain comes in. Scientists from Russia are trying to meet up the requirements with quantum cryptography. To start this process first quantum internet should  design. A global multi-user  network well protected through quantum cryptography will take much time.   Alexei said he is in doubt that multiple users will shift on to quantum block chain in future. In spite of expending a considerable number of assets, quantum web will take into consideration data security.  Data exchange  are not only perform through quantum channels but also from people and computers.

There is always a risk of some vulnerability in that. However, Alexi said there is a way to minimize it to complicate the process of writing virus codes. Also there is additionally a social building perspective, which is considerably more muddled to fight.  Some people can come up with AI-based systems to save them from attacks.

Chinese   “Mo Tzu” the world’s first quantum satellite is the next step to develop quantum internet. Alexi said various little scale organizes  fiber optic links and contain around 2-5 hubs and greater ones which have handfuls or several hubs are saying a worldwide quantum web is certain to come around one day also.

Alexi said he sees a quantum advanced signature as a standout among the most first rate security gadgets. Which may permit ” clients to work with the blockchain with no immediate access to the quantum . Which is likewise a world separated from regular ones regarding speed. This is the motivation behind why the blockchain group the Russian Ethernet stage among others is firmly investigating what quantum calculations bring to the table.


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