Learning Seo Could Be So Beneficial for you

The first question that comes in our mind is What is Seo? Seo stands for Search Engine Optimization which shows the visibility of Website and also a web page. How the website will appear in top google search engine’s. Some people says that doing Seo is the most difficult part but believe me if your concepts are clear its not difficult.


Technical Factors in SEO

Don’t get confuse we will discuss them one by one:

  1. Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are very important part of a web page. When you write some articles if you don’t put meta description google placed it automatically. Google choose 140-150 words of your article and made them your meta description.

In image below you can see the example of meta description

meta description

2. H Tags

H tags are also know as heading tags like h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 and h6. The most common used tags are h1 and h2. As h1 tag is used for main heading and h2 for sub headings. If you are making a article you should used tags to improve your readability. 

How to put H tags in articles:

  • In word press go to post and select Visual.
  •  Click the Toolbar Toggle (Shift+Alt+Z) and select the tags you want to put in your articles.
  •   You can also do it manually by writing <h1> Hello</h1> .

3. On-site and Off-site SEO

When you have a good content now its time to promote it. There are two ways to promote you content.
On-site Seo: It means how can you make your site user friendly. You can do it by applying headings and          improving the readability. Use less difficult words so that any one can read.

 Off-site Seo:  When you have a good content website you can now promote it on Facebook and other social media platforms. I suggest you to make a Facebook page and post articles their to get some traffic.

As many have told you before if you want good traffic buy links etc. In my opinion, try to focus on your content. If your content is of high quality then google will gives you link automatically. You website if starts to appear in high ranks. If you try to buy links it would be a temporary success. After sometime your ranking will come down due to low content.

Important note: if you are using word press i prefer you to use Yoast Seo plug it would help you to improve articles rather than buying unique articles try to use this plug and improve your content.

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