laravel framework 1 - Reasons Why Laravel Is the Best PHP Framework in 2018

Reasons Why Laravel Is the Best PHP Framework in 2018

In 2018, the Laravel structure will be the best open source PHP system accessible, on account of Taylor Otwell who built up this supernatural web system.

In this post, we will discuss why we feel that Laravel is the best PHP structure in 2018. Starting at now, Laravel has 35,231 stars on GitHub.

Steady Documentation:

Every one of the arrivals of Laravel were engineer benevolent, i.e. at whatever point Taylor presented another adaptation of Laravel, it was very much recorded. From an engineer’s perspective, it looks exceptionally well-known, which means they can relate it to past forms. The coding style and remarking capacities were exceptionally predictable and point by point.


The code portrayal of the database construction is known as Migration. At whatever point another engineer goes onto our group, the Laravel improvement group doesn’t have to do much in the method for clarifying strategies, sharing SQL dumps, and so on with the new designer. In this manner, we’re ready to accomplish a level of database consistency over the whole group.

Database Seeding:

This helps the engineers by making the fake test information in the database. Designers utilize this component for testing the API or web administrations. A library called Faker is utilized to seed the database with the test/sham information, or, you can likewise say, ‘Counterfeit’ information.

Express Syntax:

The Object Relational Mapping programming (ORM) for the PHP Laravel structure is truly outstanding among all ORMs out there. The engineers I’ve talked with locate this perfect language structure straightforward.

Cutting edge:

One of the rich layout motors for Laravel is ‘Cutting edge.’ The engineers I’ve talked with appreciate composing HTML code utilizing Blade. It is simple for the client to utilize or pick the correct sentence structure that they require.


To characterize essential Gulp errands, Laravel Elixir gives a spotless and familiar API for your application advancement. This backings the basic preprocessors like CSS (Sass) and JavaScript (Webpack).


An instructional exercise has been created and kept up by Jeffery Way which helps other individuals who need to learn Laravel or need to be refreshed with the new code or grammar.

This instructional exercise is accessible in the video documentation of Laravel and the customary refreshing of punctuation has been dealt with. This Laravel instructional exercise is called, ‘Laracasts.’


With the most up to date establishment of Laravel, an enhanced verification framework has been executed so you don’t have to compose new confirmation code for each new application you create.


To assemble web and API benefits, the pagination include is an awesome help for Laravel engineers. It naturally paginates information from the database. This is one of the executioner highlights of Laravel.

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