Joan of Arc

Who was Joan of Arc

There is no doubt that history is marked by numerous figures, especially when it comes to wars and revolutions. However, few of them are women like Joan of Arc, who left her legacy. So to learn a little more about it, read on and find out everything you need to know. Come on?! Who was […]

We need artificial intelligence to survive
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We need artificial intelligence to survive

We need artificial intelligence to survive We need artificial intelligence to survive. Autonomous weapons that attack an objective without the need for human intervention, behavior analysis systems capable of influencing the vote of society or vehicles without a driver that can be hacked to produce an accident. The artificial intelligence in addition to suppose a […]

Fernando Pessoa

Biography of Fernando Pessoa

Biography of Fernando Pessoa Fernando Pessoa was an enigmatic figure. Many even believe he never revealed himself as he really was. A fantastic poet whose work is known worldwide. Who was Fernando Pessoa? Fernando Pessoa, renowned poet of the Portuguese language and one of the main figures of Portuguese Modernism. He was born in Lisbon, […]


Biography of Malcolm X

He fight for the rights of blacks has come a long time. There are several figures that have stood out over time, and one of them is Malcolm X. Learn a little about the history of this great representative of blacks. Who was Malcolm X? Malcolm X is considered one of the most important North […]

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